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Targetoo is a Full-Service, Technology-Driven, Mobile Agency. Specialists in the field of Mobile Marketing/Mobile Advertising. Integrated Wide Array of Ad-exchanges, 50,000 Mobile Apps and Sites. Helps in Reaching Business Brands and Services to Targeted Clients in any Geographical Locations.Through our connections to the largest Ad exchanges we offer the largest range in the Netherlands. Targetoo is a specialist in the field of Location Based Mobile Advertising. Because our RTB technology is connected to all adexchanges we have a unique proposition: We can provide a 'GEO-Fenced' circle around your location (s) places.We can make your ad / creative to serve some 50,000 apps / show.

We are Dexterous in:

Location Targeting, Interest Targeting, Demographic Targeting, Time Targeting, Linkedin Targeting, Device Targeting, Language Targeting, Connection Targeting, Provider Targeting, IP Targeting,

Address: Targetoo - Zonnebaan 45 3542 EB Utrecht Phone - +31 (0) 30 241 23 29 Email - Website - VAT - KvK 54339243