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AdSide is a premium pay-per-click ad network serving tier-1 content publishers, advertisers and media agencies. It offers a better, simpler platform that delivers highly-targeted text ads within a controlled environment of quality content sites.

AdSide advances the popular contextual and placement-targeting models into an efficient content-targeted network that enables advertisers to easily reach their audiences, beyond what is accessible through traditional keyword targeting.

AdSide’s Two-Step Click™ model gauges pre-click user interest, to ensure that advertisers pay only for leads that are likelier to convert, and only from pre-screened, high-performing sites. Our advertisers leverage a powerful combination of twice qualified leads, premium sources of traffic, flexible targeting, and ad placement control - at optimal price points. Our publishers benefit from a platform that blends high advertiser quality with a yield optimizing technology — allowing them to optimize revenue and maintain the user experience intact, at the same time.


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